Families in the United States are cautiously getting together again, and Thanksgiving holiday is a day when we can remember all the things we take for granted, and be thankful for them, including the company of family and friends. Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of the month of November. Originally it was meant to celebrate the harvest of farm crops. In 1621, the Pilgrim settlers and the Native Americans had a 3-day feast to celebrate the harvest and their cooperation with each other. Nowadays, a great way to feel happy about the things you have is to share good food with friends and family. Traditional foods for Thanksgiving include the following: Roasted Turkey, seasoned with herbs and stuffed with fruit, vegetables or bread/herb stuffing. Mashed potatoes - Peel, boil and mash them. Mix with butter, milk, salt and garlic to taste. Turkey gravy - served with the turkey and can be poured on the mashed potatoes. Cranberry sauce - boil cranberries, sugar to taste and grated lemon peel in water. Simmer on a low flame. Corn-on-the-cob or cornbread Candied yams - Bake the yams and mash them. Add brown sugar, butter, and salt to taste. You can top them with marshmallows and bake them to make candied yams. Pumpkin or Pecan Pie for dessert Create a meal that guarantees everyone will loosen their belt. Enjoy and be thankful!