Sheepshead Bay

If you’ve never been to Southern Brooklyn, New York, you are missing out on one of the most scenic areas of the borough - Sheepshead Bay. Known in the past for its fishing boats and the famous restaurant Lundy’s, Sheepshead Bay now hosts a promenade overlooking the marinas, fishing boats, daily cruise boats, and two parks on the edge of the water. People come to visit in all seasons for party cruises, fishing trips, or to watch the famous Sheepshead Bay swans, sea gulls, ducks and geese. Although feeding them is discouraged, you will see the birds congregating and fighting over the scraps of bread that children (and adults) throw into the water. On the block before the water, and across the street from the bay, are a variety of excellent restaurants - many offering Turkish, Russian and Ukrainian dishes. And of course, you will find a Chinese “sea-food” buffet. In the summer, crowds flock to enjoy what the Bay has to offer. Although Lundy’s is long gone, it has been replaced by a stylish gourmet market and restaurants. You’ll find many delicacies there, excellent prepared foods, and the market has a decor that deserves a visit. The Ocean Avenue wooden walking bridge, which was damaged during Hurricane Sandy but has been refurbished, will take you to the Manhattan Beach side of the bay. It is lined with trees and benches, and visitors are often seen fishing, walking, biking or enjoying a leisurely afternoon.