Playa Venao

Wake up to the sounds of birds chirping, monkeys chattering in the trees outside your window, and the smell of beach air sifting into your nostrils. If you’re looking for a place to “chill,” with the comforts you’re used to but the privacy you crave, Playa Venao, Panama is calling your name. Located on Panama’s Azuero Peninsula in southern Panama, Playa Venao is known for its surfing, beaches, lush landscapes, jungle scenery and waterfalls. Although a laid-back town, not known for its crowds, Playa Venao has several delicious restaurants, places to shop for fresh produce, and plenty of tours and activities to keep you busy when you’re not just chilling. You may be an avid hiker. Here you can hike to splendid waterfalls and landscapes. If you’re into water sports, you can find paddle boarding and body surfing. Snorkeling and diving are a favorite pass-time. And top it off with horseback riding in the mountains or on the beach shore. And did I mention fishing and bird watching? Whale watching? Watching sea turtles lay their eggs? It’s all here for endless hours of relaxation, or exercise and stimulation. The best time to come to Panama depends on what you like to do and what kind of weather you are comfortable with. Panama is near the equator and has a tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 88 to 95 degrees F. There are two seasons - wet and dry. And since Panama has two coasts - the Pacific and Caribbean - conditions may vary. From December to April there is hardly any rain, and hence called the dry season. The landscapes will be less vibrant and many trees lose their leaves. In the wet season, from the end of April until the beginning of December, there can be a lot of rain and stormy weather. July to October is great for whale watching. October to November is when you can experience sea turtle breeding. The wet season, although often rainy, is the best time for lush, colorful landscapes. So, if secluded beaches, surfing and wildlife are on your bucket list, you should take a trip to Playa Venao!