Is Pluto a Planet?

Is Pluto a planet or not? Is it having an identity crisis? If you went to school in the 20th century, you learned that icy Pluto was definitely a planet in our solar system. What changed? 15 years ago, a group of scientists (the IAU) voted to make the definition of “planets” more specific, and Pluto no longer qualified. According to the IAU, Pluto is technically a “dwarf planet.” Basically, because Pluto still has asteroids and other space rocks along its flight path, which it hasn’t absorbed, it can’t call itself a planet. Crazy as it may sound, every August 24 is “Pluto Demoted Day.” Some scientists do not agree with Pluto’s new classification. They say that all the planets have objects in their neighboring regions. Pluto is not complaining. Or in any case, we can’t hear it complaining. It’s more than four billion miles from Earth and very very dark there. It’s also very very cold. (-387 degrees Fahrenheit) It has five moons, and one is so big it actually makes Pluto wobble due to the moon’s gravity pull. Some scientists believe that if it travels around our Sun, it should be called a planet. The debate goes on.