Lake Como

The wedding is over, after months and months of planning. Now you are planning the honeymoon. What would be a more romantic and relaxing than a trip to Lake Como in Italy? Your first stop will be Milan, where the fashion-inclined may be tempted to spend a day to shop. A train or car trip will take you to the beauty of Lake Como. On Lake Como, your best bet is an AirBNB or bed-and-breakfast, which are very available. Travel around the lake is easy by car, but bus service is also available if you haven’t rented a car. Once you are in one of the main towns, boats are available to take you around the lake. Among the highlights of Lake Como are the breathtaking villas such as Villa Balbianello or Villa Monastero, and lakeside towns such as Como and Bellagio. Bellagio will tempt you with its intriguing lush gardens, panoramic lakeside restaurants and endless shopping. From Bellagio you can board a boat and visit any of the other towns on the lake. However you plan it, you won’t be disappointed. There is so much to do on Lake Como, so much beauty to see, luscious cappuccino, and so much good food to eat!