Activities For Kids

Looking for activities to do with your kids on a rainy or cold weekend afternoon? Here are some time-tested ideas gathered from moms across the country: Warning: May require a visit to your local craft store or dollar store. 1. Dioramas - If you have some empty shoeboxes lying around, decorate them with cardboard animals and construction paper. Or little toy Lego people. You can stack them to make them look like several stories of a house or apartment building! 2. Craft vases - instead of discarding bottles, you can make vases out of them. Or buy cheap glass vases in your local craft store. Take tissue paper (the kind used for gift wrapping), and cut small pieces. They can be painted, or if you have a variety of different colors, paste the small pieces on the bottle until all the glass is covered. Cover with transparent glue. Makes a great Mother’s Day gift for grandma! 3. Collect rocks from a nearby park and paint them. Local craft stores sell small magnets that you can paste on the back and use them on your refrigerator. 4. Paper dolls - this one has been fun for many years and can still entertain children. All you need is construction paper and a pair of children’s scissors. 5. Another refrigerator magnet idea: Purchase small, blank, round plastic disks from your local or online craft store, as well as small magnets to paste on the back. Print out your children’s favorite photo. Cut out the photo and make it the same size circle to paste on the disk. Apply transparent glue over the photo to make it more secure and shiny. 6. A bit of a mess, but lots of fun, are tie-dye tee-shirt sets. Kids love the designs they create and love that they can wear them. You can find instructions on YouTube on in the kit. 7. Create a time capsule with your child’s favorite chosen trinkets in whatever suitable container you have. Then “bury” it somewhere with a reminder to find it again in five years. Use your imagination and happy crafting!